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Traverse Bay Yard Sale 

New Life School in Mizak Haiti

The Traverse Bay Yard Sale benefits the New Life School in Mizak, Haiti. The church has had a significant connection to this school for over ten years. Currently the school serves students in grades K - 13. Students are charged a modest tuition to give their families the dignity of providing for their child's education. The school also provides lunch daily for all students and staff at no additional cost. Books are also provided at no cost to the students. Even though a modest tuition is charged, no student is ever turned away due to inability to pay the full amount. Funds raised from the yard sale will help pay for the lunch program. Over the last year, the cost of food in Haiti has risen dramatically with some items nearly tripling in price. It currently costs about 90 cents per meal per day. With over 300 students and staff, this cost adds up quickly. Food for the meal is purchased from local merchants and farmers in order to support the local economy. 

The school has gained the reputation as one of the top two schools in the area. In the last year students have competed with area schools in both knowledge and soccer competitions and come away victorious in each category.

Current School Building

Champion Knowledge Team

Children Enjoy Lunch

Kindergarten Class

The Original School Building - Humble Beginnings

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